My name is Artful Danielle, Artful D for short, I am from Haiti and that is where my passion for art and mostly jewelry making originated. I have been making art ever since I could remember. You will have the privilege to admire most of my creations on this website. 

I have been making jewelry for a while now. I started out by making my own jewelry, but pretty soon I realized that people like my creations. So I started to make some for  family and friends as well. Many people stated that they were beautiful and encouraged me to sale them. But I’ve always refused and had one million excuses.

In the meantime, I started to feel like I have too much jewelries for myself, because I don’t wear my creations as often as I would like too. So I decided to stop being selfish and be more open to the world with my creations that do not only include jewelries. 

I make jewelry and many form of art with love and passion. I wish for you to feel the love vibration when you buy one or many of my creations.


Artful D



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